Offices Relocated Within Government Center: Member Services Moved to Lower Level

February 11, 2011 –

Rick Rector moving 1.jpg


MAYETTA:  Some of the offices in the Government Center have been switched around recently in an effort of serving tribal members more efficiently.  A major reason for the move, according to General Manager Liana Onnen, was to centralize tribal member services on one floor in lieu of having them scattered throughout the two-story building.  For example, Member Services has been relocated to the lower level of the Government Center and is near the Education Department and Human Resources offices which are departments tribal members frequently use.

Other departments that were previously on the lower level, like the News, Construction Maintenance, and Grants have been moved upstairs for easier access to the government’s administration.

Below is a brief description of the office relocation changes:

Upper level-south side

What used to be the General Managers office is now the News office

What used to be the Member Services office is now the Attorneys office

Upper level-north side

What used to be the Attorneys office is now the General Managers office /Information Technology (IT) Director office

What used to be the IT Director’s office is now the Constr/Maint Dir. office

Upper level-east side (near Finance Department)

            What used to be an unoccupied Per Capita office is now the Grants Office

Lower level-south side

What used to be the News office/PBP Health Services/PBP Construction office is now the Member Services office

Lower level-north side

What used to be the Construction Maintenance Director’s office is nowPBP Health Services Inc-PBP Construction Services Director’s office

Contact information including phone numbers and email/fax connections is unchanged.