Notice: Scholarship Opportunity From Forest County Potawatomi





1. Must be an enrolled Potawatomi with one of the recognized tribes with verification from the enrollment department   


 2. Must have a 3.00 G.P.A.  If you are a high school senior or you are attending a 4 year accredited institution or a technical college.


3. Must apply for federal financial aid. (FAFSA)


4. Must submit a written essay of 500 words or more of what education means to you and how your tribe will benefit. 


5. Must get a letter of recommendation from one of your instructors and one from a tribal leader.


Deadline for this is no later than April 5th of each year.





DJ SMITH, Education Director

Forest County Potawatomi

PO BOX 340

Crandon, WI 54520


Phone: 715-478-7200

For more information call Kristen Aitkens in the PBPN Education Department at 785.966.2960 or email