Notice of 2 Vacancies – Ethics Commission


Pursuant to the March 29, 2019 Tribal Council meeting minutes action item #5, the Tribal Council seeks interested and qualified applicants for the temporary appointment of two (2) Ethics Commissioners, as provided in the PBPN Election Ordinance, Section (E)(1)(b).


Pursuant to the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Constitution Article IX, Section 2 in order to be qualified for the position of Ethics Commissioner, the applicant must be a PBPN tribal member, be 21 years of age or older, and not have a felony conviction within the past five (5) years.

The applicant may not have a conflict of interest with any complaints actively pending with the Ethics Commission.

Submit applications by April 5:

Interested applicants must submit their names and letter of interest to the Office of the Tribal Secretary no later than 4 pm CST Friday, April 5, 2019. The names of the applicants shall be submitted for a criminal background check and the eligible candidates shall be provided to the Tribal Council for review and consideration at the April 18, 2019 Tribal Council meeting. On April 18, 2019, the Tribal Council shall appoint eligible applicants to a temporary appointment to fill two (2) Ethics Commissioner positions, who shall serve until installation of the Ethics Commissioners elected during the July 2019 PBPN election.

Election Ordinance Section 9 (E) (Election Ordinance as last amended April 13, 2012)

(1) If an office of the Ethics Commission becomes vacant it shall be filled within sixty (60) days by either:

(a) An election called and conducted by the Election Board in a General Council meeting, with a quorum being required, provided that at least a ten (10) day notice shall be given of the meeting at which the election is to be held, or,

(b) An election by mail ballot conducted pursuant to the provisions of the Election Ordinance. The Election Board shall determine which of the above methods shall be used to fill a particular vacancy. Should it be necessary to achieve a quorum, the Tribal Council shall have the power to make a temporary appointment pending the completion of the election process.