No Candidates Withdraw: Twenty Candidates File For Election

MAYETTA:  All 20 candidates who have filed for the upcoming Tribal Council/Gaming Commission/Ethics Commission Election are still in the running as there were no withdrawals before yesterday’s deadline date.

There are seven candidates for Tribal Chairperson, five for Tribal Secretary, three for Tribal Council Person #1 and five for Gaming Commissioner #3.  There were no filings for any of the Ethics Commissioner positions.

Candidates are urged to get their ballot photos in to Paul Vega, Member Services Coordinator, or Suzanne Heck, News Editor by May 23.  If needed, photos can be taken in the News office.  Profiles written by the candidates are also encouraged (but optional) with a recommended length of 500 words or less and the first profile offered will be the only one accepted for publication by the News.  Candidates who submit photos and profiles will have their information posted under Elections on the tribal website after May 23.  The Potawatomi News will also publish the same photo and profile of candidates in the summer edition published June 25.

For more information call the Member Services office at 785.966.3934 or toll free at 877.715.6789.   Member Services and the News Department are both located in the Government Center at 16281 Q Rd.