Native American Legislative Day

TOPEKA – Wednesday, February 3, 2016 was Native American Legislative day at the Capitol building in Topeka, Kansas. The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation took part by sponsoring a morning Donut & Coffee meet and greet. The event provided an opportunity for members of the Kansas Legislative body, composed of 40 Senators and 125 House of Representative members to meet the PBPN Tribal Council. The meeting is one way for the Kansas Legislature to recognize the Nation as a group of real people with real issues.
The Tribal Council alongside Native American House members Ponka-we Victors, Democrat – District 103 and Leslie Osterman, Republican – District 97 greeted and met several members of the legislature including Speaker of the House Ray Merrick, Republican – District 27, House Assistant Minority Leader Representative Louis Ruiz, Democrat – District 31 and Representative Becky Hutchins, Republican – District 61, where the PBP Nation is located. The Tribal Council was also able to visit with Governor Sam Brownback. In the afternoon the PBPN Tribal Council was introduced on the Senate floor for the first time. They have previously been introduced on the floor of the House of Representatives.
Photo Gallery of Event:
Thomas Wabnum, Warren “Junior” Wahweotten, Liana Onnen, Speaker of the House Ray Merrick, Representative Ponka-We Victors, Joyce Guerrero and Carrie O’Toole.
Camilla Chouteau, Warren “Junior” Wahweotten, Liana Onnen, Representative Becky Hutchins, Thomas Wabnum, Joyce Guerrero and Carrie O’Toole.
Warren “Junior” Wahweotten, Thomas Wabnum, Liana Onnen,            
Representatives Pat Pettey, Democrat – District 6, Ponka-We Victors and Leslie “Les” Osterman.
House Assistant Minority Leader Representative Louis Ruiz, Democrat – District 31 reaches for his cell phone while visiting Chairwoman Liana Onnen.
Carrie and pam curtis.jpg
Carrie O’Toole speaks with Representative Pam Curtis, Democrat – District 32.
Ponka-We Victors introduces Joyce Guerrero to a member of the Kansas Legislature.
Camilla Chouteau, Thomas Wabnum, Liana Onnen, Governor Sam Brownback, Joyce Guerrero, Warren “Junior” Wahweotten and Carrie O’Toole.
Governor Brownback speaks to Tribal Council Vice chair and Members.