Names of Tribal Council/Gaming Commission Election Candidates


MAYETTA:  Individuals who have declared their candidacy for the Tribal Council/Gaming Commission Election are:  Chairman- Steve Ortiz and Theresa L. Murray; Secretary-Dawn “Sogi” LeClere, James M. Potter,  Paul Vega and Noah Wahquahboshkuk; Council Person-Juanita Jessepe, Warren Wahweotten Jr, and “Nis” Susie M. Wilbur; Gaming Commissioner-Anna Boswell, Rey Kitchkumme and Jona Rupnicki.

Candidates have until May 11 to withdraw their names from the election and will be subject to a Kansas Bureau of Investigation/US investigations background check.

Votes will be cast by a mail-in ballot sent to registered members who are 18 years and older that will be mailed by the Elections office on June 11 and counted in an open meeting for the tribal membership only that will be held on July 24.