More Photos From Pow-Wow

Grand Entry w WeTaSe 1.JPG

Saturday evening Grand Entry.

Standing Horse 1.JPG

Standing Eagle made the 15th drum group to participate at the pow-wow.

Grand Entry 1.JPG

Grand Entry dancers. By Saturday evening over 360 dancers had registered.

Red Lodge singers 1.JPG

Red Lake Singer singing a solo.

Ben and Junior 1.JPG

Ben Joslin and Junior Wahweotten ran sound for the pow-wow.

Mug shot of tradl male 1.JPG

Dancer in colorful regalia.

Elder WeTaSe vets 1.JPG

We-Ta-Se veterans, left to right, Emery Hale, Francis Jensen, Roy Hale, and Andy Mitchell.

crowds on outskirts 1.JPG

Crowd on the outskirts of the arena.

Coleen, Richele, Anna, Josie 1.JPG

Some pow-wow committee members: Sitting, left to right, Coleen Thomas and Josie Pahmahmie.  In back, left to right, Richele Pahmahmie and Anna Boswell.