Mitchell Wins Treasurer: Run Offs For Other Three Seats

Hattie Mitchell 1.jpg

Hattie Mitchell was all smiles after winning the treasurer position today at the Tribal Council election. In the photo with her is her brother Joe.

July 28, 2012 –

MAYETTA: Hattie Mitchell was the only winner in today’s Tribal Council election and took the treasurer seat over candidates Paul Vega and Noah Wahquahboshkuk.    The other three seats for vice chairperson and two council positions resulted in a run-off election that will occur in four weeks between Calvin Evans and Joyce Guerrero for Vice Chairperson, Thomas Wabnum and Jancita Warrington for Council Person # 2, and Anita G. Pahmahmie Evans and Carrie Wabaunsee O’Toole for Council Person # 3.

In order to have won candidates must have had a majority vote plus one or there is a run off between the two candidates who received the highest number of votes.  Candidates can also file a protest of the election results in the next three business days following the election.

There were 952 mail-in ballots electronically counted by Tim Sanchez of Automated Election Service (AES) from Albuquerque in front of approximately 50 people who attended the election.  Tribal members that assisted with today’s election were Marty Hamlin, Frank Shopteese, Joanna Mitchell, Leslie Marshno, Linda Yazzie,Voncile Mitchell, Sherri Landis and Arlene Lingo.

Here are the election results:

Vice Chairperson:

Calvin Evans-211 ( 22.05%)

Joyce Kitchkommie Guerrero-239 (24.97%)

Carol A. Wahwasuck Shopteese- 177 (18.50%)

Tony Wahweotten-162 (16.93%)

Joe Young-168 (17.55%)


Hattie E. Mitchell-516 (54.32%)

Paul Vega-112 (11.79%)

Noah Wahquahboshkuk-322 (33.89%)

Tribal Council Person #2

Camilla (Wishkeno) Chouteau-189 (20.02%)

Chris “Pah Nah” Mzhickteno-45 (4.77%)

Benny J. Potts-173 (18.33%)

Thomas M. Wabnum (Mektewzi or Hoppy)-305 (32.31%)

Jancita Warrington-232 (24.58%)

Tribal Council Person #3

Felix R. Cruz-160 (16.81%)

Anita G. Pahmahmie Evans-411 (43.17%)

Carrie Wabaunsee O’Toole-381- (40.02%)