Law Enforcement Programs

Safe Kids Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation: is a coalition for Safe Kids Worldwide, a non-profit organization. Safe Kids Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation focuses on injury prevention for children ranging from newborn-19 years old and covers all of Jackson County Kansas. Agencies that are a part of this coalition are:

• Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Police Department
• Delia Fire Department
• Royal Valley School District
• Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Fire Department
• Jackson Heights School District
• Prairie Band Potawatomi Health Clinic
• Holton Police Department
• Holton School District
• Prairie Band Potawatomi Child Care Center
• Prairie Band Potawatomi Social Services
• Jackson County EMS
• Holton Community Hospital


Defensive Driving Course: The Tribal Police Department has employees certified to teach the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Defensive Driving Course.  This course teaches skills to improve safety and reduce risks assumed when one gets behind the wheel.  Upon completion of the course, participants may be eligible for a discount on their personal auto insurance.

Hunter Safety Education Course: The Tribal Police Department conducts Hunter Safety Education courses on an as-needed basis.   Courses include 10 hours of instruction usually spread over a Saturday and Sunday. Hunter Safety Education provides gun safety, an overview of hunting laws (both state and tribal), general hunting practices and other topics at the request of participants.

Funeral Escorts:  The Tribal Police Department conducts funeral escorts within the Reservation boundaries whenever requested as a service to the community and the citizens of the Reservation. Funeral escorts are requested by and scheduled through funeral homes, religious leaders, and or family members. Two types of funeral escorts may be requested and conducted. First, police department personnel may lead/escort the funeral procession from the funeral home or church to the burial grounds. Second, police department personnel may block off intersections from the route of the funeral procession without assisting with the actual escort. It should be noted that department personnel could also provide a mixture of both types of funeral escorts. If you would like to request a funeral escort to be conducted within the Reservation boundaries please contact Cherie Jim at 785.966.6672, Deputy Chief/Captain Terry Clark at 785.966.6660, or dispatch at 785.966.3024 for scheduling.

House watches/checks: House watches/checks can be accommodated with notice from the owner/resident and can be arranged by completing this form and submitting it to the PBPN Police Department.

ReportIt: ReportIt is a Citizen Property Inventory System available for free at The free service provides a system for maintaining secure records of property you own so in the event of theft or loss your items may be easily identified.