Larry Mzhickteno Sworn In to Office

MAYETTA:  Larry Mzhickteno took the oath of office today as a member of the Gaming Commission in a short ceremony held at the Bingo Hall.  He joins Gary Mitchell and Rey Kitchkumme who are other members of the commission.

Mzhickteno won his seat in a Run-Off Election that was held Aug. 24 by beating Jancita Warrington for the position.

Mzhickteno said that he was looking forward to continuing his work on the Gaming Commission and that he was pleased that the tribal membership had given him the vote of confidence to re-elect him to the position.

Below are some photographs taken at the ceremony:

L Mzhickteno sworn in 1.jpg

Mzhickteno being sworn in by PBPN Chairman Steve Ortiz.

TC-Larry M-GC 8-29-13 1.jpg

Mzhickteno received a Pendleton blanket from the tribe and is photographed with Tribal Council and the Gaming Commission.

Gaming Commission 1.jpg

Gaming Commissioners from left to right:  Rey Kitchkumme, Mzhickteno and Gary Mitchell.

Paula Moore receiving line 1.jpg

Several employees and tribal members were at the swearing in ceremony and were photographed congratulating Mzhickteno today.