Inclement Weather Preparedness & Resources

The Tribal Emergency Response Committee (TERC) would like to remind the PBPN Community to be prepared for inclement weather.

  • Stay home – inclement weather can impact roadways and increase accidents when traveling. Stay home if possible.
  • Check on your elders – take a moment to contact your elders or other family members to make sure they are okay, have food, have heat/electricity, etc.
  • Run errands in advance – if possible, go to the store for groceries, supplies and run other errands prior to winter storms arriving.
  • Prepare vehicle – keep a full tank of gas in your vehicle and keep an emergency kit on hand, including gloves, heavy blanket and water.

Here are a few documents you may find useful:

PBPN Inclement Weather Community Contact

PBPN Emergency Shelter & Evacuation

PBPN Shelter Questions & Answers

PBPN Electricity Provider Websites

Westar Energy Outage Map

FreeState Outage Map

Brown Atchison Website (no outage map)

All of the resources presented are available on the PBP Nation Fire Department web page. Select “Departments,” then “Public Services,” and “Fire Department” to access.

The PBP Nation will also utilize, WIBW news station, and Facebook to communicate with the community during inclement weather.