Hunting Season is Here: Hunting and Fishing Regulations on the Potawatomi Common Land

October 19, 2012 –

MAYETTA: Hunting season is in full swing and below are some of the legal requirements for hunting and fishing on the PBPN Common Land, especially regarding the sponsorship of non-member or non-Indian individuals. The two Amendments outlined below were approved through Tribal Council by Resolutions on October 15, 2012: For details or questions call Rick Burns or Herb Nance at the Tribal Police Department at 785.966.3024.

Tribal Council Resolution No. 2012-233-Amendments to the Potawatomi Law and Order Code Title 18 (adopted on October 15, 2012)

Amendment addresses the following sections:

  • Section 18-7-1 Permits and Identification
    • (B) States the Tribal Police Fish and Wildlife Division is authorized to issue non-member/non-Indian individuals permits/licenses to hunt and fish on PBPN Common Land. This section identifies the information to be provided on the form.
  • Section 18-7-29 Tribal Member Sponsorship for Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, or Wood Cutting on Tribal Owned Land
    • This allows a PBPN tribal member to sponsor a maximum of one (1) non-member or non-Indian. The PBPN sponsor must be within sight of the person they are sponsoring at all times.
    • The individual being sponsored must obtain a permit from the Tribal Police Fish and Wildlife Division. Both the PBPN tribal member sponsor and the individual being sponsored are required to sign the permit.
    • The individual being sponsored must be at least twelve (12) years of age.
    • This section designates the second week of September through January 31 as the hunting season for non-members and non-Indians, unless otherwise provided.
  • Section 18-8-2 Tribal Member Hunting Season
    • PBPN tribal members are allowed to hunt anytime throughout the year.
  • Section 18-8-20 Deer Stands
    • This requires a Deer Stand permit for any person (PBPN tribal member, non-member or non-Indian) wishing to erect or maintain a deer stand or ground blind on tribal owned lands.
    • Tree stands placed in trees on tribal owned lands must be portable, removable, and must not damage the tree they are placed in. Tribal members are allowed to leave the tree stand in place to up to a year. Sponsored non-members and non-Indians must remove their deer stand at the end of their sponsorship.
    • All tree stands and ground blinds must have permits by November 30, 2012, or face a penalty of no more than $200.00 per violation.
    • The Tribal Police Division of Fish and Wildlife is authorized to remove and/or destroy tree stands and ground blinds on tribal owned lands that are in violation of these regulations.

Tribal Council Resolution No. 2012-225-Amendments to the Potawatomi Law and Order Code Title 18

  • Section 18-7-15 Hunter Education Requirement
    • Requires all persons (PBPN tribal member, non-member or non-Indian) under the age of eighteen (18) years of age to complete a certified PBP Nation, State, or Canadian Hunter Safety Course and shoe proof of successful completion to the Tribal Police Fish and Wildlife Division in order to purchase a hunting or furbearers license. Prior to this amendment, all persons born after July 1, 1977 were required to complete a certified Hunter Safety course.