Here’s the Trunk or Treat Costume Winners

Trunk or Treat Costume Winners

Best Costumes as a Group/Duo, 17 years of age and younger

Batman Rob 1st 1.jpg

1st place-Evangeline and Danika Decker (Batman and Robin)

Lone Rang tonto 2nd 1.jpg

2nd place-Mason and Dane Spoonhunter (Lone Ranger and Tonto)

3rd place-AJ and Devin Mock (Mario and Luigi)

Best Costumes as a Group/Duo-18 years and up

Education Dpt 1st 1.jpg

1st place-Education Department (Witches from Hocus Pocus)

Box Crayons 2nd 1.jpg

2nd place-Elizabeth and Vanessa Gaona (Boxes of crayons and missing purple crayon)

Vampires 3rd 1.jpg

3rd place-Jeremy Alvarez and Morningstar Pilcher (Vampires)

Best Costume/0-4 years

Optimus Prime 1.jpg

1st place-Geraldo Acebedo (Optimus Prime)

Mini Mouse 1.jpg

2nd place-Malayna Rodriguez (Mini Mouse)

Capt America 1.jpg

3rd place-Manny Oliveira (Captain America)

Best Costume/5-9 years

Red Ninja 1.jpg

1st place-Wylie Johnson (Red Ninja)

Storm Trooper 1.jpg

2nd place-David Daubon (Storm Trooper)

Black Ninja 1.jpg

3rd place-Wyatt Boswell (Black Ninja)

Best Costume/10-17 years

Austin Mock.jpg

1st place-Austin Mock (Woman)

NomKiWash Potts.jpg

2nd place-NomKiWash Potts (Voodoo)

Shobwas Hubbard.jpg

3rd place-Shobwas Hubbard (Aunt Jemima)

Best Costume / 18 years and up

Carman Wakole.jpg

1st place-Carman Wakole (Mad Hatter)

Season Serna.jpg

2nd place-Season Dominguez (Witch)

Joanne Grandstaff.jpg

3rd place-JoAnne Grandstaff (Medusa)

Special thanks to Tribal Police Officer/School Resource Officer

Cassandra Hofich for submitting photos and work at the Trunk or Treat.

Happy Halloween!