Health Clinic To Be Closed Afternoons This Week For Electronic Health Records Training

March 30, 2011 –

MAYETTA: The PBP Health Clinic will close today at noon and be closed tomorrow and Friday afternoon so that the medical staff can get trained on the new electronic medical record system being implemented at the Center.  The Health Clinic will be open in the mornings, however, and the Pharmacy will remain open this week.

With the new electronic medical record system, health care providers will have instant access to a patient’s medical record  through a computer in their office and also have the added benefit of being able to update records right there. The electronic system should also speed up the ability to get medicines ordered and ready for pickup from the pharmacy.

To ensure that all the records are safe, a back-up buddy-system computer program is also being installed in the event that the primary system crashes or goes down.

For added security measures, only authorized providers and staff will be able to look at the electronic health records that will be protected by two passwords.

Patients may notice that visits to the clinic may be slower at first but much more efficient in the long run after providers get used to the centralized computer system.

Physicians and other medical staff are in the process of acquiring laptop computers and  patients will begin seeing them used them during their upcoming office visits.

For more information about the new system call Verna Simon at the Health Center at 785.966.8303.