Health Center Parking Lot Enters Phase II


The first phase of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Health Center parking lot is complete.  The newly paved parking lot will cure until Monday, September 16, 2019, when work on Phase II of the reconstruction will commence.

Phase II will consist of work on the east parking lot by the Social Services department, the circle drive around the main lot, and the east side of the entry into the complex as indicated by the black highlight in the image above. The entryway will be widened and covered in gravel on the west side to allow for simultaneous entry and exit.

The highlighted green areas are for patient and guest parking, and the red highlight will be available for employees, Tribal Court guests, and additional parking. The Health Center’s main entrance for visitors during Phase II will be the west door by Pharmacy.  The other doors may be accessed by utilizing the sidewalks around the building.  No one should walk across the work zone from the center parking lot to the front or East doors for safety reasons. Most of the equipment being used has very large blind spots and the operators may not see pedestrian traffic.

When using the center parking lot there will only be one entrance in and out.  The markings on the ground will allow for cars to circle within the parking lot to utilize the entire lot for the next two phases. The areas not marked are the drive lanes within the parking lot and should not be blocked at any time.

Although there is a parking lot to the immediate south of the Tribal Court it will have extremely limited access during Phase II due to the work zone. It will only be available to ADA visitors of the Tribal Court, and arrangements must be made in advance.

:: Care and Use of New Pavement ::

Here are a few tips of what not to do in order to prevent damage to the newly paved lots. Damage to pavement is expensive to repair.

1) When in a parked position do not turn your wheels back and forth. Turning wheels before moving does the most harm to a new lot. The motion will rip apart the top layer of the asphalt and create a spot that looks like loose gravel. Eventually a hole will start to form at these locations. Once this damage is done, it is extensive and expensive to repair.

2) If you have a heavy vehicle do not park in the same spot every day. Park the vehicle in different spots each day so that you do not start to cause indentations from the vehicle parked in the same spot with the tires sitting in the same spot each day.

3) Any motorcycle will need a plate or board under the kickstand for the first 6-12 months (and possibly during the hot summer months) to prevent the kickstand from sinking into the new asphalt. The kickstand holds a lot of the weight of the motorcycle and will get pressed into the new asphalt unless something is placed under.

4) If your vehicle is known to leak a lot of oil or antifreeze – do not park on the new asphalt. The asphalt is fresh and not fully cured, any leaks of oils and antifreeze can cause premature deterioration of the asphalt. This is for anyone with severe leaks that they know of (requirement of weekly addition of more oil or antifreeze to vehicle due to leaks).