HB 2147: Native American Veteran Tax Refund

During the 2018 Kansas Legislative Session, Substitute for House Bill 2147 was passed and signed into law.  The legislation provides that for any Native American veteran who was domiciled within the boundaries of such veteran’s tribal lands during the period of active military duty from the years 1977 through 2001, and who had Kansas income tax withheld from the military income, may apply to receive a refund of that Kansas withholding tax.  Applications are accepted beginning October 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020.

Form K-NAVR, Native American Veterans Income Tax Refund Claim Form

Native American Veterans Income Tax Settlement Questions and Answers

If you are a veteran with questions or require assistance, please contact the Taxpayer Assistance Center, 785-368-8222. The Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs is also available to assist. They can be reached at 800-513-7731 or 785-296-3976.