Harvest Feast Draws Large Crowd

MAYETTA:  Outside last night there was a large harvest moon beaming bright on the common land while inside the Bingo Hall a feast of harvest was taking place.  Over 230 Potawatomi and friends gathered together to enjoy an evening meal that was hosted by the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) staff that is a part of the Health Center.

Volunteers worked all day to prepare the evening meal that consisted of  buffalo, deer, turkey and turtle, fry bread, desserts and a variety of vegetables that were grown in the community gardens last year.  The purpose of the dinner was to enjoy the meal and to learn how to become a part of the gardening effort in the future.

Below are photographs from last night’s event.

Harvest Feast staff 1.jpg

Health Center staff that helped register guests were, left to right, Verna Simon, Eddie Joe Mitchell, Jerry Briscoe, Nicky Dugan, and Joanne Little Sun.

Harvest Feast crowd 1.jpg

The crowd going through the line and eating dinner.

The buffet feast 1.jpg

Elders were served first.

Geraldine Masqua and Lilly Hall 1.jpg

At left is Geraldine Shopteese Masqua, 85, with her daughter Lilly Hall.

Goffy cooking 1.jpg

Goffy making fry bread.

Kathy Sterbenz 1.jpg

Kathy Sterbenz is the new registered nurse on the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) staff.  Not pictured but on the DPP staff is Carol Shopteese, manager,Cory Wabski, lifestyle fitness coach and Eddie Joe Mitchell, traditional gardener.