Halloween Fun on the Rez

MAYETTA:  The goblins are ready and the decorations are out at the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation for Halloween.  Several activities and events are going on this week  and below are some photographs of the fun that were taken yesterday and today.

BGC Halloween decorations 1.jpg

Decorations at the Boys & Girls Club today.

Halloweeen parade 1.jpg

Children from the Early Childhood Education Center parading to the Boys & Girls Club gym this morning.

T and S Williams 1.jpg

This trick or treater strikes a pose with his mom during the parade.

BGC Childcare halloween 1.jpg

Different departments set up tables where trick or treaters got treats.

Police 1.jpg

Tribal Police Officer Cassie Hofich poses with youngster Avante Jessepe who dressed as a police officer today as part of the Early Childhood Education Center parade.

Kyle Miller 1.jpg

Kyle Miller, who works for the Planning and EPA Department, gave out treats to a child who stopped at the EPA table today.

tooth fairy 1.jpg

Nathan Hale, director of the Boys & Girls Club, gave out treats to children who were escorted by the tooth fairy this morning.  A second set of youngsters from the Early Childhood Education Center will trick or treat at the Club this afternoon.

BGC Haunted House 1.jpg

Baby Ryleigh stops to pose in the Boys & Girls Club Haunted House room.

Govt Ctr 1.jpg

Doors were decorated with a Halloween theme at the Government Center.  These two doors are to the Attorney’s office (left) and Tribal Council treasurer’s office.

Treasurer office 1.jpg

Tina Levier, administrative assistant for Tribal Council, prepares treats for the afternoon session of trick or treat at the Boys & Girls Club.

GM office 1.jpg

Sitting at her desk is a costumed Leslie Marshno who works in the General Manager’s office in the Government Center and is visiting with her mother.

Elder Ctr line up 1.jpg

The Elder Center held their costume party yesterday.

Bingo couple 1.jpg

This Bingo couple was a big hit.

wide view elder ctr 1.jpg

A cake walk and the plunger game created lots of laughs at the Elder Center and there were some good Halloween refreshments at the party.

Elder Ctr glasses 1.jpg

A devil in disguise.

More on tap for this evening in local communities.

Happy Halloween!