Hale Sworn-In To PBPN Gaming Commission


8.26.21 – Joseph “Chago” Hale, Jr. recites the Oath of Office for the Gaming Commission as officiated by PBPN Tribal Chairman Joseph Rupnick.

Joseph “Chago” Hale, Jr. was sworn in as Gaming Commissioner #1 during a brief ceremony today. PBPN Tribal Chairman Joseph Rupnick officiated the event. The Gaming Commission is the Nation’s regulatory entity for all gaming enterprises.

Hale won his bid to the four-year position after receiving the majority vote in a Run-Off Election held on Saturday, August 21, 2021. Hale received 54.3% (341) of the votes, to incumbent candidate Lisa Wamego’s 45.7% (287) votes. This is Hale’s first term as a Gaming Commissioner for the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.

Hale has most recently been serving as the Nation’s Road & Bridge Specialist, overseeing department operations, initially joining the department in 2015. In January 2021, he completed a term as a member of the Casino Board of Directors. Hale was also previously elected to the Nation’s Tribal Council in 2008.

Hale joins fellow Gaming Commissioners Rey Kitchkumme and Joe Mitchell.

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8.26.21 – Joseph “Chago” Hale, Jr. addresses the crowd after being sworn in as a Gaming Commissioner.


8.26.21 – Tribal Council Secretary’s Office Legislative Assistant Lorrie Melchior stands as witness to Joseph “Chago” Hale, Jr. signing the official paperwork for the office of Gaming Commissioner.


8.26.21 – PBPN Elected Officials gather for a group photo, from left Treasurer Wade Pahmahmie, Gaming Commissioner Joe Mitchell, Secretary Camilla Chouteau, Vice-Chairman Zach Pahmahmie, TC Member Bill Evans, Gaming Commissioner Chago Hale, Chairman Joseph Rupnick, TC Member Raphael Wahwassuck and TC Member Tony Wahweotten.


8.26.21 – Chago Hale is joined by his family, from left Jason “Naseka” Hale, Keirsten Hale, Adrian “Gubba” Hale, Nagos Hale, Mshewe Hale, Chago Hale, LaVerne Hale, Jason Matchie and Sierra Pahmahmie.