Gathering Day 4



Grand entry 1.jpg

Grand entry Friday.jpg

Staff ceremony Friday 1.jpg

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Little Soldier Friday night 1.jpg

CPN in regalia.jpg

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Badger dancing1.jpg

Other Scenes

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Gathering Friday eve 1.jpg

Friday sunset 1.jpg

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Art Show at the Casino

Penny Coates.jpg

Penny Coates, Citizen Potawatomi

Audrey Pawis at pow wow1.jpg

Audrey Pawis, Wasauksing First Nations

Vicky Williams-Walpole Island 1.jpg

Vicky Williams, Walpole Island First Nations

Photos from the Park

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Andy Mitchell 1.jpg

Bozo washing dishes.jpg

CPN 1.jpg

pbpn youth 1.jpg

Sherri Landis grandson 1.jpg

Other tours at the Health Center and around the rez

Health Center open house 1.jpg


Final closing tonight

pw wow friday night 1.jpg