Gathering Day 3


Kids on playground1.jpg

Kids take a rest from playing on the playground in Prairie Peoples Park.

Meeks ice tea1.jpg

Cecilia “Meeks” Jackson displaying her vendor sign. Her family is selling refreshments at the Gathering.

Gary Cooper and Blue Feather1.jpg

Gary Cooper & Blue Feather entertained the crowd during supper.

Language Play-kids1.jpg

Language kids as pigs1.jpg

A language presentation was held that  involved children and only Potawatomi language was spoken.

Language Play-adults1.jpg

One of the language plays put on by the adults.

Language Play Steve C1.jpg

The PBPN Language Department has taught several classes this year and the actors seen here were students in the classes.

Fashion Show male model1.jpg

 A male model shows off his Potawatomi fashion style at an evening fashion show.

Fashion Show.jpg

A Potawatomi woman showcases her regalia.

Fashion show child1.jpg

Children also participated in the show.

Fashion show elder1.jpg

Bernadette Lewis, PBPN, was an elder model.

Elaine and Christian Frank-Princess Candidates.jpg

Elaine and Christian Frank, Forest County Potawatomi, were models and are also Gathering princess candidates.  They live in Lawrence, Kansas.

The rest of the evening consisted of another Karaoke/Single Mingle and an informal pow-wow also rounded out the rest of the activities.


Walpole Island bus this morning1.jpg

Walpole Island First Nations unloaded this morning off of their bus.  This group is  staying in nearby Topeka, Kan.

breakfast friday morning1.jpg

Breakfast was served to get the day started.

Fun walk1.jpg

Early risers enjoyed a fun walk that was organized for Gatherers around the park.

Pool tourney1.jpg

A pool tournament began this morning and continued throughout the day at the Firekeepers Elder Center on the common land.   A golf tournament was also held in Topeka.

softbll tourney warmup1.jpg

A softball tournament began and will continue through tomorrow.  The ball field is at 158 Rd and K Rd in the housing complex behind the Fire Station.

Language Conference elders1.jpg

The Language Conference continued at the Casino and elder fluent speakers gave a presentation.  At noon the participants lunched with the Youth Leadership Conference attendees who also met today.

Dress for Success1.jpg

Dress for success 1.jpg

Ten students, who won an essay contest during the Youth Leadership Conference, were taken to the mall last night and awarded some professional clothes which they modeled on a runway at the luncheon today. 

Youth Leadership Conference.jpg

Students also listened to motivational speakers Harmony Rice, Chance Rush, and Robert Johnston throughout the conference.  Johnston got several of the youth and audience involved in this highly interactive presentation after lunch.  


Gathering sign1.jpg