Gathering-Day 2


MAYETTA:  Below are photos of last night’s Gathering activities in Prairie Peoples Park, the Youth Leadership Conference Meet and Greet and photos from today’s activities.


Youth Conference T shirt 1.jpg

Harmony Rice 2.jpg

Harmony Rice from the Wasauksing First Nation is publisher of Spirit Magazine and was the featured speaker at the Meet and Greet that opened the Youth Leadership Conference last night.  She was also emcee for today’s event that was held at the Casino.

Youth Conf mt and greet 8-5-09-1.jpg

Youth enjoying pizza and sandwiches at the Bingo Hall.

Amber-Dominic-Josie at meet and greet 1.jpg

Amber Tecumseh, Dominic Ortiz and Josie Pahmahmie helped organize the Youth Leadership Conference.

Setting up camp 8-5-09 1.jpg

Setting up camp in the park.

gathering potluck1.jpg

Enjoying the first community pot luck.


Ed Mitchell, Ann D, Tim Mend Regis1.jpg

Eddie Joe Mitchell, Ann DeCoteau and Tim Mendez greeted participants and registered newcomers.

Gathering ptluck 8-5-091.jpg

Lining up for lunch at the park.

Lisa Littleaxe 1.jpg

Lisa Littleaxe, PBPN, of Dallas has a booth with her family this year.

Ralph Tecumseh 1.jpg

Ralph Tecumseh, PBPN, drove folks back and forth from the parking lot.

Diana Payne 1.jpg

Diana Payne, PBPN, displays her work that is for sale.

Ben and Lish-IT1.jpg

Ben Joslin and Alicia Sellens, PBPN IT Department, are controlling the sound system in the arena at the park.

Hal Wiggins-Pokagon 1.jpg

Hal Wiggins, Pokagon Band, is a vendor.

Raphael and tour 1.jpg

Bus tours are being scheduled throughout the Gathering.  Above is Raphael Wahwassuck, far left, greeting Potawatomi as they returned from one of the trips.

Marilyn Ermatinger-Walpole 1.jpg

Selling sweet grass from Canada is Marilyn Ermatinger of Walpole Island.

Steve O lang conf handshake 1.jpg

A language conference was held at the Prairie Band Casino & Resort this morning. Above is Steve Ortiz, PBPN Tribal Chairperson, in the blue shirt, greeting a fellow Potawatomi during a greeting session.

Lang Conference Larry Berryhill handshake 1.jpg

Chairman Ortiz had the PBPN Language Department form a receiving line and asked all the attendees to come forth and meet them.

L Jones, Lindsay, Leo 1.jpg

Left to right is Linda Jones of Billings, Montana, Lindsay Marean of Eugene, Oregon, and Leo Nadeau of Soldier, Kansas who were reunited at the Language Conference.  All three are Citizen Band Potawatomi members.

Kenneth Meshigaud, Hannahville1.jpg

The Youth Leadership Conference continued today at the casino and seen above is Kenneth Meshigaud, chairperson of the Hannahville Band, and Laura Spurr, chairperson of the Huron Band, giving the thumbs up to the audience.  Both chairpersons were a part of a panel of tribal chairs that spoke to the group today.

Girls at Youth Conf 8-5-091.jpg

The youth seemed to enjoy doing some stretching exercises during the conference.

Amber and Frank Tecumseh 1.jpg

A workshop was sponsored by casino employees called Future Ink in the afternoon for the youth.  Participants were split into two workshop sessions where they learned about becoming professionals and finding a job.

Rachel Deo Future Ink 1.jpg

Rachel Deo, who works for the casino, conducting one of the workshops.