Gary Mitchell Sworn-In To Office

MAYETTA:  Gary Mitchell was officially sworn in to office as Gaming Commissioner #1 this morning at the Bingo Hall.  Approximately 30 people were at the ceremony where Mitchell took the oath of office and signed the official documents.  Following the ceremony refreshments and a special cake, made in Mitchell’s honor, were served to attendees.

Mitchell, a lifelong common land resident, has served in various offices on the Tribal Council and Gaming Commission for the PBPN for 26 years. For the last four years he has served as chairman of the Gaming Commission and, in a short speech to the audience, also said that he was humbled to serve the PBPN and thanked everyone for their support in voting for him. He also publicly thanked his wife, daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and said that family is what gives him purpose in working hard and that he hopes the economic opportunities the casino provides will continue to let tribal people advance for a long time.

Below are some photos taken at the ceremony:

Steve and Gary 1.jpg

Chairman Steve Ortiz conducted the oath of office for Gary Mitchell this morning.

Gary signing oath of office 1.jpg

 Mitchell signing the oath of office documents that were parepared in the Tribal Secretary’s office.

Gary M-TC-GM 1.jpg

Left to right:  Larry Mzhickteno, Steve Ortiz, Mitchell, Jim Potter and Hattie Mitchell. Mzhickteno is a Gaming Commissioner and the others are on the Tribal Council.  Gary received the Pendleton blanket as a gift from the tribe.

Gary family at swearing in 1.jpg

Members of Gary’s family were on hand to help him celebrate. 

crowd at ceremony 1.jpg

The crowd enjoying refreshments and visiting after the ceremony.