Gary Mitchell Sworn In as Gaming Commissioner

March 06, 2009 –

Swearing In of Gary Mitchell.JPG

MAYETTA:  Gary Mitchell was sworn in as a Gaming Commissioner this morning at the Bingo Hall.

Vice-chairperson Joyce Guerrero conducted the swearing-in ceremony which was followed by a speech from Mitchell.

“In today’s world you just can’t take anything for granted and particularly in our political arena you just never know what will happen,” he said.  “I was humbled by the turn out of votes in the election and in this economy am very happy to have a job. People entrust you with a responsibility and you’ve got to do your job and I thank you for that continued opportunity.”

He further stated that he was glad to see tribal people running the casino and that it was good that Gaming Commissioners were elected to office instead of being appointed because gaming regulations are so important to running a good casino.

Following his speech, Mitchell was feted with gifts and received by Tribal Council and others who were at the ceremony.  Next, he signed the official affidavit with Tribal Council Secretary Jim Potter and then mingled with the crowd and had refreshments.

Mitchell has been the chairman of the Gaming Commission for the last four years and has served on the Tribal Council or in other official capacities for the PBPN for a total of 18 years.  He has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Washburn University and a master’s degree in history from Baker University.

Other Gaming Commissioners besides Mitchell include Tami McClammy, Calvin Evans, and Tom Tuckwin whose offices are housed at the Prairie Band Casino & Resort. The final Gaming Commission position will be filled after a run-off election is held on March 31.  Candidates are Larry Mzhickteno and Jancita Warrington and ballots were mailed yesterday.

In other news, newly-elected Ethics Commissioners Ruth Vega-Harjo and Rencie Eteeyan will be sworn-in this coming Monday in a ceremony at the Bingo Hall at 10:30 a.m.    The public is invited to attend.