Gaming Commission/Ethics Commission Election Today


MAYETTA: The Gaming Commission/Ethics Commission election is this morning at the Bingo Hall.  Ballots will be picked up at the Mayetta Post Office and counted in an open meeting for the tribal membership around 9:30 a.m.

Nine candidates have filed for two seats on the Gaming Commission and two candidates have filed to become members of the Ethics Commission. Gaming Commission candidates are Anna Boswell and Gary Mitchell who are competing for position #1 and Paula Hopkins, Larry Mzhickteno, Roy T. Ogden, Donald “Jim” Shane, Raphael Wahwassuck, Jacob M. “Tug” Wamego and Jancita C. Warrington who are vying for position #2.  Ethics Commission candidates are Rencie Eteeyan who has filed for Ethics Commission position #2 and Ruth Vega-Harjo who has filed for Ethics Commission position #3.

Candidates must win by a majority vote plus one or a run off election will be held in approximately four weeks between the two who have the highest number of votes per position. Results will be announced at the election and on this site later today.