Marshall Gregory Hughes Obituary

February 3, 2022 –

Marshall Gregory Hughes
October 5th, 1954 – January 6th, 2022

Marshall Gregory Hughes (Show nosh), 67 years old of Colton, California passed away January 6th, 2022. Born on October 5th, 1954 in St. Bernardine Medical Center. He lived out most of his youth in Colton, with his parents, Maryetta Rice and Carl Hughes, and siblings, Billy, Janice, and Dennis. Marshall graduated from Colton High School and began working for Santa Fe Railroad. He worked on the railroad for 20 years, enjoying every moment of it. Unfortunately, a car accident he was involved in led him to having to retire early. During that 20 years, he met Susan Lucero Walker who he married and had his first child, Tanya Kingsley. Eventually separating, he later met Debbie Soto with whom he had three children, David, Josh, and Sarah. A few years later they separated as well, but no matter what happened he loved all of his kids.. Marshall would find himself moving into an apartment for the next decade whilst his family grew. His grandchildren, Avery, Christian, Adam, Savannah, Aubrey, Anthony, Shayna, Jocelyn, and Xavier all were born throughout this time. He also has two great grandchildren and he will now have another later this year. During this time he met Leecha “Lucy” who became his best friend until the very end. She would help him, he would help her, they would hang out all the time, and go on adventures together.

Marshall loved the great outdoors, especially the Colorado Rockies where his parents would take him and his siblings. He loved camping, fishing, and always making humor in any situation. If Marshall was around, laughs would follow along with good times and probably pizza. In the later years of his life, he began to find God and study the bible consistently. He would start to encourage others to be the best version of themselves and always reached out to others. He would donate to charity, help his family in any way he could, and always put smiles on our face with his jokes.

Marshall will leave a legacy behind through his family and friends that will live on through them. May the creator and Lord give this gracious man peace, love, and happiness as he reunites with loved ones dearly missed and awaits to greet us once more.

(Courtesy of Inland Memorial)