Four Tribes Meeting Held Last Friday


Paul Davis at 4 tribes 7-18-14 1.jpg

Paul Davis, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Kansas, spoke at the Four Tribes Meeting last Friday in White Cloud, Kansas.


MAYETTA:  The four tribes of Kansas met last Friday for their quarterly meeting that was hosted by the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska in White Cloud, Kan.

Democratic candidate for Governor Paul Davis spoke at the meeting along with other Democratic candidates that included Vivien Olsen, Kansas House Representative for 61st District, and Steve Lukert who is a candidate for Kansas House Representative District 62.  In addition, Joan Wagnon and Kerry Gooch from the Kansas Democratic Party also gave an overview of the voting process.

Other speakers on the agenda were Tracy Streeter from the Kansas Water Office who gave an overview of a preliminary study called The Vision for the Future of Water in Kansas and Dr. Robert Moser from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment who discussed a health study called the Healthy Kansas Tribes 2020 Initiative that is presently surveying what health issues are important to tribal people in Kansas.


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Dr. Robert Moser, M.D., Secretary of Kansas Department of Health and Human Services provided information on a study called Healthy Kansas Tribes 2020.  

In addition, Nancy Rios, Health and Human Services, gave a Health Insurance Market Place update and Scott Weinberg from the Federal Emergency Management Agency provided information about how representatives from tribal communities are being trained through the Region VII district of  the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

In conclusion, Prairie Band Potawatomi Member Carrie O’Toole gave a short presentation that urged tribal leaders to inform their membership about voting in the upcoming election.