Four New Members Sworn In to Peacemakers Circle

January 09, 2014 –

Peacemakers Circle 1.jpg

The new members of the Peacemakers Circle with Tribal Council members who were present at a swearing-in ceremony today at the Judicial Center.  Front row (left to right) Marie Clement, Joyce Guerrero, and Jim Potter.  Back row (left to right) Carrie O’Toole, Sheila Wahquahboshkuk, Sandra Shopteese, Christopher Brewer and Tom Wabnum.  Clement, Wahquahboshkuk, Shopteese and Brewer will serve four-year terms as Peacemakers members.


MAYETTA: Four tribal members were sworn in as new members of the Peacemakers Circle, mediating branch that is used to help resolve disputes or actions that are pending in District Court.  The ceremony took place today at the Judicial Center.

Christopher Brewer, Sheila Wahquahboshkuk, Marie Clement and Sandra Shopteese were each sworn in to office by Administrative Judge Theresa Barr. Tribal Council officers Joyce Guerrero, vice president, and Jim Potter, secretary, also participated in today’s swearing in ceremony.

The purpose of Peacemakers is to help resolve and mediate disputes through the application of traditional, cultural and restorative methods. Peacemakers are made up of ten tribal members that are selected by the General Council. They are sworn in by Tribal Council to serve four-year terms and to uphold the Constitution and By-Laws, the Law and Order Codes of the PBPN, and the Constitution of the United States.

Refreshments were served following the ceremony for the new Peacemakers and their families and friends and staff at the Judicial Center.