Firekeeper Golf Course Taking Shape

GC Clubhouse.jpg

Clubhouse looking east from near hole # 1.

Landscaping near clubhouse 1.jpg

Photo taken north of clubhouse facing south.  Trees were planted and the greens were being watered on this hot day.

laying sod and work around clubhouse 1.jpg

This photo is taken from the east side of the clubhouse facing south where the parking lot will be.  Several PBPN members and other Native Americans are working on the course that is being constructed by Landscapes Unlimited, Inc.  In addition, employees from other local businesses in the area are helping to complete the course this summer.

Landscaper working 1.jpg

One of the workers planting a tree in front of the clubhouse.

GC driveway facing south toward.jpg

The entry road going south away from the clubhouse that connects to 150 Road.