Fire Keepers Elder Center COVID-19 Guidelines

For the health and safety of all persons entering the Fire Keepers Elder Center, the following guidelines have been established pursuant to PBPN Resolution 2021-333


All visitors and staff are required to health screen, temperature check, hand sanitize and establish a face mask at the entry way of the Fire Keepers Elder Center, prior to advancing into the facility regardless of vaccination status.

Face Coverings/Masks

For the health and safety of everyone, visitors and staff are required to wear a face mask that covers their mouth and nose at all times, except while eating, regardless of vaccination status. Neck gaiters are not acceptable.

Room Ratios

Each common area of the facility is designated with a room ratio to promote social distancing by all persons. Everyone shall maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others.
Dining Room

Everyone may access the dining room during lunch times, regardless of vaccination status. Only two individuals are allowed in the kitchen service line at a time, maintaining a distance of 6 feet.

Ancillary Service Areas

Ancillary service areas of the Elders Center, including the puzzle room, the TV/Pool Room, the Sitting Room and the basement area, are available for vaccinated persons.
Prior to entering an ancillary area, visitors must supply proof of vaccination. Individuals should sanitize their hands prior to engaging in any shared activity (puzzles, pool, remote control, etc.).


Elders Center activities/social outings are available for vaccinated individuals. Prior to embarking, visitors must supply proof of vaccination.
Proof of Vaccination

Vaccinated individuals can show their vaccination card to the Elder Center Coordinator as proof of vaccination.


Anyone traveling in an Elder Center vehicle is required to wear a mask for the duration of the ride when more than one passenger is present.


ire Keepers Elder Center staff is tasked with ensuring all guests adhere to the guidelines for the health and safety of all. Should someone be out of compliance, the individual will be asked to adhere to the approved guidelines or to leave the facility, if necessary.