Fire Department Gets New Ambulances and Staff

second new ambulance 1.jpg

This ambulance is one of two that  arrived last week at the Fire Department. It has new technologically advanced medical equipment that will provide a quicker response time and a smoother ride. 

Ambulance new 1.jpg

The second ambulance parked in one of the fire station bays. 

Schreiner and Racker 1.jpg

Fire Chief Doug Schreiner shows Walt Racker some of the equipment inside one of the new ambulances.  Racker works in the Finance Department and helped with the paper work when the Fire Department purchased the new vehicles. 

M M and ML 2 1.jpg

From (left to right) is Mark Meinhardt and Michael Lynch who have recently joined the staff as paramedics/firefighters. 

Fire Dept crew 1.jpg

Other members of the Fire Department besides Meinhardt (second from left) also stopped by to check out the new ambulances.  From left to right are Frankie Zeller, Randy Smith and Greg Bills.