Enrollment Review Committee Declares 71 Members Inactive

The Enrollment Review Committee met on April 16, 2024, and have declared 71 of our Tribal Members as inactive. The re-affirmed this decision on May 1, 2024.

Inactive means they will no longer receive per-cap or be entitled to any back pay that might have been held for them.

If any of these members update their information before May 15, 2024, they are eligible for the June per cap. After this date, they are not eligible for June PerCap.

Section 15. Inactive Membership.

  1. A tribal member who has not had any contact (meaning all correspondence to the tribal member has been returned to the Nation and there is no current address on file) with the Nation for seven (7) years, shall be declared to be in “inactive” status.
  2. The Enrollment Coordinator shall inform the Enrollment Committee of all members who have had no contact with the Nation for seven (7) years. Six (6) months prior to the seven (7) year date, the enrollment staff shall make documented efforts to contact any known relatives of the member to determine the member’s possible whereabouts.
  3. The Enrollment Committee shall adopt by resolution the date a member is declared to be in “inactive” status.
  4. The files of members with “inactive” status shall be segregated for easy access.
  5. The Nation will suspend all per-capita distributions upon declaration of inactive status and the funds will be re-deposited into the general account for distribution to the general membership at the next scheduled per capita distribution.
  6. Should an inactive member contact the Nation, the Nation shall reinstate the member to active status. Members making contact with the Nation after Inactive Status has been determined, will start receiving per-capita payments from the point of Active Status and will not be entitled to retroactive payments.

Inactive members as of 5/1/2024 (This list will be updated when contact is made)

  • Barber, Ian Jess
  • Brdicko, Jill Christine
  • Coffin, Erik John
  • Dean, Keith Lee
  • Dinsdale, Nicholas
  • Estep James Robert Jr.
  • Eteeyan, Derek Steve
  • Fuller, Darien Jade
  • Garrett, Preston Levi
  • Grinnell, Sarah R.
  • Gutierrez, Maria Antonia Kicker
  • Hernandez, Aramis N.
  • Jackson, Patricia A.
  • Jackson, Clark Gregory
  • Johnson, Ashley Lynn
  • Johnson-Malone, Josiah Emmanuel
  • Kabance-Muniz, Angelo Luis
  • Kitchens, Michael Wayne
  • Levier, Joseph Marcus
  • Mathewson, Jonathan Bernard
  • Mcmullen, Angela Ann
  • Messner, Roger E. Sr.
  • Messner, Jerome Howard Jr.
  • Miller, Duane Robert
  • Monroe, Dillon James
  • Monroe, Kelly Ann
  • Norwood, Melinda Sue
  • Orcutt, James Lee Happy
  • Pedroja, Terri Jean
  • Perdue, Rachel Leigh
  • Postoak, David E.
  • Quinn, Judy May
  • Reese, Jennifer E.
  • Rickert, Joel Bradley
  • Rodriguez, Rebecca
  • Shane, Jeremy W.
  • Sheppo ,Nelson Louis III
  • Trantow Brenda Sue
  • Turner Trevor Nelson
  • Uselton Austin Tyler
  • Vigil Christina Marie
  • Williams Christopher Scott