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The goal of the Election Board is to conduct orderly elections in accordance with the provisions of the Election Ordinance.

The Election Board requires 75 working days to prepare for a national election. The schedule includes a start-up date, date to mail announcement of upcoming election to adult Nation members, deadline date to file for candidacy, cut-off date to register (if not already registered prior to an election), set-up date to mail ballots to registered voters and the scheduled election date.

Nation members who are not registered to vote are encouraged to register.

The Election Board meets as needed. The Member Services Department accepts and forwards information throughout the year. Member Services is located at the Government Center – Lower Level.

Election Board Members                                            Member Services Department
Sara Gertenmayer                                                                                 16281 Q Road
Sherry Landis                                                                                  Mayetta, KS 66509
Arlene Lingo

Coordinator: Paul Vega                                                       Phone: 785-966-3934
Fax: 785-966-3950

PBPN Tribal Council Election Notice
PBPN Ethics Commission Election Notice

Ethics Commission Positions filled:
Chair: Burton Warrington
Ethics Commissioner #1: Gilreath Aitkens
Ethics Commissioner #2: Blake Garrisson
Ethics Commissioner #3: Laura Rice

Calendar of Events

Saturday, August 20 at 9 am – Tribal Election Run-off Vote

Tribal Council Positions open for election:
Vice Chair: Joyce Guerrero ~ Currently in office
Treasurer: Vacant
TC Person #2: Thomas Wabnum ~ Currently in office
TC Person #3: Carrie O’Toole ~ Currently in office