Election Results: Mitchell Wins: Run-off Between Mzhickteno And Warrington

MAYETTA:  The unofficial Gaming Commission Election results were tallied this morning with Gary Mitchell winning by 57.29% of the vote for Gaming Commissioner #1 and a run-off to occur between Larry Mzhickteno with 30.84% of the vote and Jancita Warrington with 24.77% of the vote for Gaming Commissioner #2.

There were 775 votes tabulated at the election held at the Bingo Hall.

Here are the unofficial election results and for a copy click here:

Gaming Commissioner #1

Rebecca J (Shopteese-Thomas) Harman-331 votes for (42.71%)

Gary Mitchell-444 votes for (57.29%)


Gaming Commissioner #2

Marlena Jessepe Jordan-137 votes for (17.68%)

Larry Mzhickteno-239 votes for (30.84%)

Jona (Potts) Rupnicki-101 votes for (13.03%)

Adriana Wahwasuck-106 votes for (13.69%)

Jancita Warrington-192 votes for (24.77%)

Candidates can file a protest of today’s election results with the Member Services Department until Wednesday, July 31 at 4 p.m.

The run off election will be held August 24 at 9 a.m. and ballots will be mailed as soon as they are processed.

Below are some photographs taken this morning at the election:

Shirley and Alvina 1.jpg

Tribal members Shirley Trull and Alvina Laclair sign in to watch the election.

Marty Hamlin and group 1.jpg

Marty Hamlin (with blanket) was honored for serving over 30 years as PBPN Election Judge and recently retired from that position.  With him in the photo (left to right) is Leslie Marshno, Sara Gartenmayer, Arlene Lingo, Paul Vega, Steve Ortiz and Sherri Landis.  Marshno, Gartenmayer, Lingo, Vega, and Landis serve on the Elections Committee and Ortiz is chairman of the PBPN.

Election clerks 1.jpg

Elections clerks helped open ballots and Tim Sanchez (far left) of Automated Elections Services in Albuquerque owns a business that electronically tabulates the final results.  Election clerks were Frank Shopteese, Beverly Brandt, Linda Wahweotten, Elizabeth Gaona and Linda Yazzie. Leslie Marshno is now serving as Elections Judge and Arlene Lingo, Sara Gartenmayer, and Sherri Landis are on the Elections Board.  Paul Vega is the Member Services Coordinator and Elizabeth Gaona is Member Services Administrative Assistant.

Mitchells having fun 1.jpg

Some members of Gary Mitchell’s family attended the election today and were all smiles.

Arlene-Peggy-Steve 1.jpg

From left to right is Election Board member Arlene Lingo, General Manager Peggy Houston and Chairman Steve Ortiz awaiting the election results.

Larry and Mitchell family 1.jpg

On the far right is Larry Mzhickteno who will face Jancita Warrington in the Run-off Election on August 24.

Rebecca Harman and husband 1.jpg

Candidate Rebecca J (Shopteese-Thomas) Harman and her husband, Jeremy were at the election today.

Marlena Jordan and family 1.jpg

Candidate Marlena Jordan awaiting the results with members of her family.

Leslie Marshno and Tim Sanchez 1.jpg

Tim Sanchez and Leslie Marshno go over the final results before announcing them to the crowd.