Early Childhood Education Center End of the Year Pow-wow Held

MAYETTA:  Even though it was raining outside, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the children and families who came together today for the Early Childhood Education Center pow-wow at the Boys & Girls Club gym.  We-Ta-Se led the grand entry parade while Little Soldier Singers drummed and little graduates with their parents, aunties, uncles, and friends joined in on the fun.

Below are some photos that were taken at today’s event:

Eli Murphy 1.jpg

Eli Murphy graduated today from Class E and was all smiles.

Devon Rodewald-Gishgo Hale 1.jpg

Devon Rodewald, left, with Gishgo Hale graduated from the Class B class.

We-Ta-Se at Child Care pow-wow 1.jpg

We-Ta-Se members Glenn Levier, Lorrie Wahwassuck, and Joe Jessepe carried flags.

Pewamo Kitchkommie 1.jpg

Pewamo Kitchkommie after receiving his diploma and medal.

Little Soldier w Jr and Giselle 1.jpg

Little Soldier Singers belt one out. Singers, clockwise, Anwahbe Thomas, Naseka Hale, Chago Hale, Tug Wamego, Pam Johnson, Kwake Hale, Wahpi Hale, and Mikes Potts.

Toddler II class 1.jpg

Toddler II class with some proud parents and grandparents.

Childcare staff w door prizes 1.jpg

Director of the Early Childhood Education Center Hope Adame, far left, holds the tickets for door prizes.  Cheryl Simon picked the winning ticket.

Alyssa Levier web.jpg

Alyssa Levier wore her regalia to today’s pow-wow and graduated from the Class C class.

spectators at pow wow 1.jpg

Families gathered along the sidelines to watch the ceremony.

Class B 1.jpg

Teachers Kate Adame(blue) and Reina Rodriguez-Higine (pink) were photographed with their students from the Class B class.

Elijah Torres w Justin 1.jpg

Justin Torres with his son, Elijah, who graduated today.  Son Ian also graduated from Class A and mother Michelle also works at the Early Childhood Education Center.

Childcare staff 1.jpg

The Early Childhood Education Center staff was recognized for their hard work this year at the pow-wow.

Steve O gave invocation 1.jpg

Chairman Steve Ortiz gave the invocation and was also part of the We-Ta-Se color guard today.

quilt 1.jpg

The quilt above was raffled off today.