Construction on Golf Course Begins

May 20, 2009 –

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MAYETTA: The following is a fact sheet about the development of the golf course that was released today from the office of Tribal Council Member Jr. Wahweotten, who is directing the golf course project for the PBPN.   Look for more information about the golf course through a link that will be posted on this website soon.


Prairie Band Potawatomi Golf Course Development

Fact Sheet


How will the golf course enhance the Nation’s offerings?


The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation is building the golf course to further establish the Prairie Band Casino & Resort as a premier destination resort in the Midwest.  The golf course will be an amenity to the resort and will stimulate additional economic activity from the customer base.  The golf course will also serve the Prairie Band community in the form of job opportunities and provide programs for community youth.


Who is building the golf course?


NB3 Consulting, a Native American owned consulting firm, will be building the golf course in conjunction with Landscapes Unlimited, NB3’s development partner.  NB3 Consulting is owned by Notah Begay III, a four time PGA TOUR winner (, and a graduate of Stanford University.  Notah is the only full-blooded Native American on the PGA TOUR.  Landscapes Unlimited is the premier golf course construction firm in the world and has completed over 1,000 projects world wide.  Notah will also be working with Jeff Brauer, a renowned golf course architect, on the design of the golf course.


When will the project be completed?


Weather permitting, the golf course will be completed and scheduled to open by mid-summer 2010.  Usually, golf courses take longer than this to complete but NB3 Consulting and Landscapes Unlimited will try to finish the project by summer of 2010 for the Nation.


Are there any jobs available during construction?


The Nation’s construction department will be assisting in various phases.  There may be job opportunities during the “grow-in” phase of the golf course that will take place later in the construction process.


How can we track the progress of the project?


Currently, a website is being created for the new golf course.  Communication will follow as soon as the website is functional.  The website will allow individuals to follow the progress of the project.


Jr. Wahweotten, Tribal Council Member, (785) 966-4013, email:

May 15, 2009