College Scholarship Opportunity From Forest County Potawatomi For High School Seniors





1. Must be an enrolled Potawatomi with one of the recognized tribes with verification from the enrollment department   


 2. Must have a 3.00 G.P.A.  If you are a high school senior or you are attending a 4 year accredited institution or a technical college.


3. Must apply for federal financial aid. (FAFSA)


4. Must submit a written essay of 500 words or more of what education means to you and how your tribe will benefit. 


5. Must get a letter of recommendation from one of your instructors and one from a tribal leader.


Deadline for this is no later than April 5th of each year.





DJ SMITH, Education Director

Forest County Potawatomi

PO BOX 340

Crandon, WI 54520


Phone: 715-478-7200

For more information call Kristen Aitkens, PBPN Education Department at 785.966. 2960 or email