Charitable Contributions

Contact Information: 

Charitable Contributions Coordinator
Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation
Charitable Contributions Committee
16281 Q Road
Mayetta, KS  66509
(785) 966-3918

Charitable Contributions Application Packet

The Nation continually strives to build relationships with neighboring communities in which we live and do business.  We strive to be responsible citizens.  One way we achieve this goal is by sponsoring community events and organizations.

The Charitable Contributions Committee is comprised of six tribal members who recommend to the Tribal Council on giving outside donations based on the established criteria below.

Sponsorships are distributed four times a year during the third week of January, April, July and October.  To receive consideration, a request must be made on or before the 1st day of prior distribution quarter in order to be considered and approved (i.e., contribution awarded in July proposal must have been submitted or post marked on or before June 1).  The Nation’s Charitable Contributions Committee will determine the funding amount.

Sponsorships are selected based upon need, and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  Also, the Nation will require proof that the group or organization making the request has obtained non-profit status and must complete a W-9 included in the application packet.  In either event, the requestor will be required to complete a Release and Waiver form if sponsorship is granted.


In order for us to consider a sponsorship request, please include on your letterhead the information as outlined in the Donation and Sponsorship Policies and Guidelines below.

All requesters must adhere to the PBPN Charitable Contribution Policies and Guidelines.  If not, your request cannot be processed and may be disqualified from current funding cycle.  The Charitable Contributions Committee will refrain from honoring funding to any group or organization that provides, promotes or participates in any event that sells or allows the use of illegal drugs or alcohol.