Charitable Contributions Ceremony Held at Casino

Photos from today’s ceremony where 22 organizations received a total of $69,500.

Door Step CC w Carrie and Jim P 1.jpg

Representatives from Doorstep, Inc. in Topeka, that received a donation of $10,000, are seen  flanking Tribal Council members Jim Potter and Carrie O’Toole.  At left, is Dawn Strecker, Associate Director, and on the far right, is Lisa Clarke, Executive Director.

Jane Metzger 1.jpg

Jane Metzger, second from left, will retire as the President/CEO from Meals on Wheels of Shawnee & Jefferson Counties soon and was recognized at the ceremony for her many years of service.  In the photo, to her left, is John Tuckwin, and to her right is Frank Tecumseh, Steve Ortiz Jr. and Heidi Pickerell who will take Metzger’s place.  Meals on Wheels was given a $6,000 donation.

Lavera, Litttle Sisters of the Lamb, Emery Hale 1.jpg

The Little Sisters of the Lamb of Kansas City, Kan. were given a $5,000 donation to help them build a monestary.  With the sisters (unidentified) are LaVera Bell, left, and Emery Hale, right.

Steve O and CC Committee meeting 4-14-1.jpg

After the ceremony, Charitable Contributions committee members, began working on the next quarter’s applications. Clockwise, sitting,  is Mary Carr, Wanda Treinen, John Tuckwin, Frank Tecumseh, Betty Rice, and LaVera Bell.  Chairman Steve Ortiz, standing, stopped in to chat at the meeting.