Casino Banquet Honors Employees

(MAYETTA)  The Prairie Band Casino & Resort held its 17th Annual Awards Banquet on March 24 at the casino and several employees were honored with awards for their service and a nice banquet dinner.

Ruth Vega-Harjo, Human Resources Director reported that those honored were:  Employee of the Year-Jerry Gearhart (Players Club Supervisor) and Dan Gartner (EVS Heavy Duty Cleaner); Human Resources Supervisor of the Year-Dustin Haverkamp (Employment Supervisor); Manager of the Year-Randy Valdez (Slots Manager).

Casino interns were also recognized and included:  Martin Doxtator, Timothy Rhodd, Alexandra Haggerty, and Kassie James.

Below are some photographs pertaining to the casino:

0232 casino awards banquet  interns 1.jpg

With blankets are Tim Rhodd (second from left) and Kassie James (third) with Entertainment Board members Joshua Arce (far left) and Jona Rupnicki (far right).

Board 1.jpg

The Entertainment Board of Directors are back row (left to right) Joshua Arce,  Ed Collazo, and Corey Mzhickteno.  Front row (left to right) Denise Marshall and Jona Rupnicki,

Joyce and Awards Banquet 1.jpg

Joyce Guerrero, Tribal Council vice chairperson, gave remarks at the awards banquet and is also the Entertainment Board liaison with Tribal Council.

Entertainment board and TC 1.jpg

From left to right (front row) Camilla Chouteau, Jona Rupnicki and Denise Marshall.  Back row (left to right) Joyce Guerrero, Hattie Mitchell, Joshua Arce, Larry Mzhickteno and Carrie O’Toole.   Chouteau, Guerrero, Mitchell and O’Toole are on the Tribal Council, Mzhickteno is a Gaming Commissioner and Rupnicki, Marshall and Arce are on the Entertainment Board.