Burn Ban in Jackson County

July 31, 2012 –

MAYETTA:  According to Captain Rick Swogger of the Potawatomi Tribal Fire Department, the Jackson County Board of County Commissioners imposed a County wide BURN BAN in the unincorporated areas of Jackson County Kansas yesterday afternoon.  This is to include NO outside burning of trash, any open flames, any field or pasture fires, or no campfires are permitted except those fires in permanent stoves, fireplaces and barbeque grills.


Swogger also reported that with the recent drought and extreme hot temperature conditions, this area including most of the Midwest has become a tinder box waiting for fire to be introduced to its environment.  One can drive around the common land and see the examples of the volatility of grass, timbers, crops, and/or anything that will burn.  The Fire Department has responded to several fires that would normally be extinguished easily but has become difficult due to the dryness.


Please call the fire department if you have any questions regarding this Burn Ban or any fire or medical issues by calling 785.966.2164.