Brenda Catron Named Employee of the Quarter

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Brenda Catron was named Employee of the Quarter at the All-Employee Meeting held today at the Bingo Hall and was presented the award by Walt Racker who is on the Employee of the Quarter committee. 

MAYETTA:  Brenda Catron, a registered nurse and supervisor of nursing at the Potawatomi Health Center, was selected as the Employee of the Quarter and honored at today’s All-Employee Meeting held at the Bingo Hall.

Catron has been employed at the Health Center since 2006 and serves on all of the Health Center committees except for one.  She has been heavily involved in the process of the Health Center’s continual preparation for unplanned reviews by the Joint Commission of Healthcare Organization and in helping to implement the electronic record-keeping system that the Health Center now uses.

Catron is a tribal member and was instrumental  in coordinating cultural elements into the grand opening of the new Health Center as a committee  member when the building officially opened in the fall of 2006.

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