Breast Cancer Awareness Training Held

March 27, 2014 –

MAYETTA:  A Breast Cancer Awareness Training was held today at the Bingo Hall where personal stories about the impact of the disease of cancer and educational presentations were offered.

The training was given by Trish Long and Lety Sarmiento from the University of Kansas Medical Center who coordinated the training with Nancy Henry and Iva Rank from the Prairie Band Potawatomi Health Center.

Personal stories from Kitty Shopteese, a breast cancer survivor, and Tom Wabnum, who lost a loved one to breast cancer, were also a part of today’s presentation.  Shopteese offered tips on prosthetics and how to deal with a medical regimen and Wabnum discussed how to live more fully through good nutrition and exercise as ways to stave off the disease.

An educational display and a questionnaire survey were also components of the awareness training that was also sponsored by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure/Greater Kansas City Foundation.


Lety Sarmineto, Research Assistant with KU Medical Center in Kansas City, gave a presentation on screening for cancer.

Left to right:  Nancy Henry, Trish Long, and Iva Rank.

Kitty Shopteese, a breast cancer survivor, who lives on the Prairie Band Potawatomi Common Land.

Verna Simon and Tom Wabnum holding a blender that Simon won as a door prize and Wabnum donated for the training today.  Another blender was also won by a lucky winner during the afternoon session.

Paula Hopkins, left, and Donita Mattwaoshshe attended today’s training and were photographed completing an exercise.