Boys & Girls Club Golf Fundraiser Photos

MAYETTA:  Here are some photos from today’s Boys & Girls Club Golf Tournament Fundraiser being held at Firekeeper Golf Course.

 BGC Fundraiser 8-21-13 1.jpg

Golfers warming up on the putting green.

Cheryl-Jamie 1.jpg

Cheryl Hopkins and Jamie Hopkins, who are on the Boys & Girls Club staff, worked the registration table.

R Bradley-Cathy-J Tuckwin 1.jpg

Left to right, Russell and Kathy Bradley and Jerry Tuckwin.

Matt-Raph-Lev-Kwakie- 1.jpg

Left to right, Matt Waits, Raphael Wahwassuck, Levi Horn and Kwake Hale. Waits and Hale work for the Boys & Girls Club and Wahwassuck works for the Judicial Center. Horn played for the National Football League from 2010-2012 is visiting the common land.  He recently moved to Kansas City where he is employed as the youth program director for the American Indian Center of the Great Plains Foundation.

Raph-Levi-Steve 1.jpg

Horn and Wahwassuck stopped by Chairman Steve Ortiz’s (far right) office yesterday to meet him.  Horn will give a presentation to students at the Royal Valley schools this afternoon and talk about his experiences as a professional and college football player and being a member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe in Montana.

Nathan Hale 1.jpg

Nathan Hale is the director of the Boys & Girls Club.

putters 1.jpg

A putting contest was held this morning before the tournament began.

Listening to Rules 1.jpg

On the far left, Nathan Hale, Daniel Goombi and Randy Towner announcing the rules before play began.

Dom-Carrie-Steve 1.jpg

Dominic Ortiz, Carrie O’Toole, and Steve E. Ortiz.