Ben-no-tteh Wigwam Powwow Photo Gallery

The Ben-no-tteh Wigwam held a powwow on Thursday, May 19th to recognize their students and their achievements! Each classroom of students were announced and each child was given a hand made ribbon shirt, shawl or bib along with a certificate of recognition.

Here is a photo gallery from the day’s events – Enjoy!
Three Generations
Miamikwe Mitchell
DSC_0977 (2).JPG
Kassie James and son Junior
DSC_0990 (2).JPG
Brenda Nozhackum and grandson Kaiden
DSC_0973 (2).JPG
DSC_0948 (2).JPG
Voncille Mitchell with great-grandson Gary Lyle Simon
DSC_0924 (2).JPG
Lilliana Wahquahboshkuk and her mom Jenny Jackson
DSC_0920 (2).JPG
Tyler Morrison and son Sawyer
DSC_0919 (2).JPG
Monte Little Axe
DSC_0917 (2).JPG
Great Auntie Debbie Matchie still has that magic touch. Troy realized his mom wasn’t holding him.
DSC_0912 (2).JPG
Tina Levier with nephew Bill Jr.
DSC_0902 (2).JPG
James Masquat and Thomas Jim, III
DSC_0939 (2).JPG
 Parents and children were treated to a delicious meal to end the ceremony.
DSC_0892 (2).JPG
Kendall Green with her baby sister Wah sko net toh kwe
DSC_0883 (2).JPG
Sidda Lee Evans enjoying her balloon animal
DSC_0872 (2).JPG
Head Start students receiving their certificates.
DSC_0862 (2).JPG
Ahn-No Morrison is moving on to Kindergarten!
DSC_0864 (2).JPG
Pittko Hale is done with Head Start and going on to Kindergarten
DSC_0847 (2).JPG
Students line up to receive their certificates and have their pictures taken
DSC_0841 (2).JPG
Big brother Wylie is supporting his little brother who is headed to Kindergarten next year!
DSC_0812 (2).JPG
Dayton keeps it serious 🙂
DSC_0811 (2).JPG
Look at all the personality in those little faces!
DSC_0807 (2).JPG
Hope Adame and her grandbaby
DSC_0791 (2).JPG
Melissa and May
DSC_0790 (2).JPG
Dana Jim and her sweet nephew Thomas III
DSC_0784 (2).JPG
Happy Baby!
DSC_0740 (2).JPG
Nekash and Nomski Wilson with their mom and fellow classmates and CC/HS Teacher
DSC_0736 (2).JPG
Patrick with son Timmy, TTem with son Wahwaksum and Annie with son Vinnie
DSC_0715 (2).JPG
Anabella is rocking the face paint designs she picked out!
DSC_0712 (2).JPG
Handsome little guy
DSC_0668 (2).JPG
Sahsmo with her mommy Raquel
DSC_0707 (2).JPG
 Happy Girls!
DSC_0659 (2).JPG
Taking a break from dancing
DSC_0614 (2).JPG
Eric Otero and his sonny boy
DSC_0583 (3).JPG
DSC_0575 (2).JPG
Powwow with balloon sword – soo creative!
DSC_0565 (2).JPG
Lil’ Sweetie Pie and her daddy
DSC_0561 (2).JPG
Sweetie Jim and baby Thomas
DSC_0539 (2).JPG
Face painting like a boss
DSC_0535 (2).JPG
Kate Adame with grandson Myron
DSC_0526 (2).JPG
 Good day wishes and butterfly kisses!
DSC_0524 (2).JPG
Ashley & Viola
DSC_0494 (2).JPG
Teachers and students
DSC_0479 (2).JPG
Shuggy, Riston Jr. and Nikki
DSC_0448 (2).JPG
The ladies have fun watching all the children on their special day
DSC_0442 (2).JPG
Great Grandma “Babe” Bell looks on at great grandson Sawyer and his momma Megan
DSC_0434 (2).JPG
Reigna & her little cutie pie!
DSC_0425 (2).JPG
Teachers and students round dancing
DSC_0422 (2).JPG
Uncle Gubba & baby Lilly
DSC_0412 (2).JPG
Junior Darnell
DSC_0406 (2).JPG
On the move!
DSC_0374 (2).JPG
Baby Jacob rocking his mocs
DSC_0359 (2).JPG
Baby Rambo with his momma Sogi
DSC_0348 (2).JPG
Alyssa Thompson sitting still for face painting
DSC_0344 (2).JPG
Sweet little Gracie
DSC_0342 (2).JPG
Bill Sr. and Bill Jr.
DSC_0340 (2).JPG
Jasmin and friends
DSC_0244 (2).JPG
The little guys and gals do their best to stay still for the photo
DSC_0221 (2).JPG
Miamikwe Mitchell having the best of times
DSC_0170 (2).JPG
Samantha and Leo
DSC_0103 (2).JPG
Our Veterans – We-Ta-Se Post 410
DSC_0086 (2).JPG
Baby Estelle Mitchell
DSC_0083 (2).JPG
Auntie Kiersten with baby Junior
DSC_0080 (2).JPG
Paula Moore with her grandgirls Viola and Geneva
Chloe and her balloon crown
Ahn-No and friends
5. Lil_Sweetie.JPG
Sahsmo & her daddy Eric