Ben-no-tteh Wigwam Childcare Pow-Wow Held Today

Ben-no-tteh Wigwam

End-of-Year Spring Pow-wow

celebrating 26 years of child, family, and community growth


Grand entry childcare pow wow 1.jpg

We-Ta-Se led the pow-wow today that was held in the Boys & Girls Club gym due to the cold weather.   A large crowd gathered to watch their little ones graduate.

Childcare pow wow 1.jpg

These 3 to 5 year olds received award certificates for completing Class E & F at the childcare center this year.  There was pow-wow dancing, door prizes and lunch served at noon.

Little Soldier Singers 1.jpg

Little Soldier Singers were on hand at today’s ceremony.  Chago Hale, in the black shirt was also the emcee for the day.