Another Major Snow Storm Hits

MAYETTA (Feb. 27): Another major snow storm hit the area earlier in the week and PBPN personnel were prepared.  Administrative weather days were called late Monday afternoon and yesterday withevening activities called off.

On Monday, Frank Zeller, Interim Potawatomi Fire Department Director, sent an all-PBPN users email containing a weather report from the National Weather Service that issued the winter storm warning. Around 9 inches fell in the Topeka region.

The storm included high winds and even though the power did not go out, the PBPN emergency services crews were ready from the storm a week before to implement a Phase I and Phase II emergency plan.

In the future and as a precaution, residents are encouraged to check on their neighbors and to make sure elders and the young are accounted for. Things to ask each other about are whether medications are filled, if there is water, food that won’t spoil, blankets and warm clothing available, and battery-powered radio and flashlights (an extra batteries) ready to go should the electricity go out. In case of an emergency, please call 911 or tibal dispatch at 785.966.3024 and watch for closing that will be listed on Topeka television stations or on this website at