A Day at the Boys & Girls Club

MAYETTA:  With over 100 degree temperatures registering most days this summer in Kansas it is a good thing the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation has the Boys & Girls Club.

Below are a few photographs that were taken today inside the club of the many activities that are offered:

Laverne and tickets for carnival 1.jpg

The Language Department has been offering classes at the club and ended their first session with a language carnival of games and fun.

Language carnival 1.jpg

One of the games involved keeping balloons in the air. Competitors had to say two words in Potawatomi before playing each game and to win tickets for prizes.

basketball throw 1.jpg

Basketball throw.

fishing game 1.jpg

Fishing game.

Cindy LeClere-Leondre Hale 1.jpg

Language instructor Cindy LeClere shares a good laugh with Leondre Hale who was a student in the class and was reciting a few Potawatomi words for the News.

billiards  1.jpg

In other action at the club today besides the language carnival, one room was full of children doing several activities.  Above are some billiards players.

watching videos 1.jpg

Kids watching and playing video games.

Foosball 1.jpg

Foosball was popular.

Coloring 1.jpg

A couple of children coloring.

Bead room 1.jpg

In the bead room, from left to right, are Terryn Proctor, Sierra Pahmahmie, and Ashley Williams who work with the Title VII program at the club.

Kick Ball 1.jpg

In the gym there was a fierce game of kick ball in progress.

Preparing lunch 1.jpg

In the cafeteria lunch was getting prepared.

For more information about the Boys & Girls Club summer activities and calendar visit