2024 Candidates for Council Treasurer

Wade Pahmahmie

Hello everyone I am Wade Pahmahmie and I am once again seeking re-election as the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Tribal Council Treasurer.  In April 2017 I was elected through a Special Tribal Council Election to fill the vacant Treasurer position and successfully ran for re-election in July 2020.  I have always felt that it is my duty as a Tribal Member to use my experience and education to help our Tribe whenever possible.  Shortly after graduating from Washburn University I came to work for the Tribe serving in the Finance Department for 17 years until I was elected as Treasurer serving the past 7 years.  In those 24 years I have had the fortunate opportunity to be a part of the tremendous financial growth of our Tribe.

At this time four years ago, there was a great deal of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our Casino was temporarily shut down and other business and government functions were very limited in the services they could provide.  Once the restrictions from the pandemic loosened up our financial resources from our Casino did not only return to what we thought of as normal prior to the pandemic but have far exceeded pre-pandemic levels.  Fortunately, for our Tribe we have been able to save and invest over the years which ultimately provided us with adequate financial resources to weather the pandemic.  Additionally, COVID-19 funding from the CARES and ARPA Acts also helped us get through the pandemic.  While most of our CARES funding is now expired, we do plan to use the bulk of our remaining ARPA funding to start up our Food Sovereignty program as well as expand our K-Road Wastewater facilities which will be necessary for future development in that area including the opportunity for us to build an assisted living facility.

During my time as Treasurer, I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with our Casino, Gaming Commission and Prairie Band LLC on various financial projects as well as the annual budget process.  My prior experience in Tribal Finance has allowed me to communicate effectively with the three entities and understand their financial needs.  In April of this year we were able to finally break ground on the 150 Rd & Hwy 75 project.  Future development of this project will help us continue to diversify financially as well as bring more jobs and services to our local community.  It has also been a great honor to present the Tribe’s financial reports at our quarterly General Council Meetings over the past 7 years. Additionally, I continue to look forward to working with Tribal Members on items such as Will & Estate Planning, various Tax Matters, expansion of our General Welfare Programs and the distribution of Unclaimed Property to name a few.

To wrap things up I respectfully ask for your vote on election day July 27, 2024.  As a Tribal Member growing up in the local area and living on the Reservation, I have always had a great interest in the Tribe’s current events and culture as well as understand the importance of exercising our Tribal Sovereignty.  Being able to work for the Tribe over the past several years has been a very meaningful and fulfilling experience for me.  Despite long hours on the job, the work I am able to accomplish is much more satisfying knowing that I am positively contributing every day to help the Tribe.  With this being said I look forward to serving the Tribe for many years to come in whatever opportunity passes my way and hope that you consider me on election day for Tribal Council Treasurer.

Thank you and I look forward to talking with you all later, Wade P (Wap-tti-ge).

Contact Info: wpahmahmie@hotmail.com