Members of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation are hereby notified that an Election will be held on July 22, 2023, for the purpose of electing two (2) members of the Ethics Commission. The Vice-Chairperson and Commissioner #1 will be seated until July 2023. This election shall be conducted in accordance with the Constitution and Election Ordinance of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.

For the complete election notification and details follow THIS LINK.

Jessica Burghart

My name is Jessica Burghart and I am running for reelection for the Ethics Commissioner #1 position.

I joined the Ethics Commission in 2019 and have helped with many of the projects within the commission, such as the travel report and the Standard Operating Procedure for Ethics. I feel like I can still be an asset for the tribe and would like to continue working on improving our Ethics and serving the tribe.



Royetta (Rupnicki)

My name is Royetta (Rupnicki) Rodewald, and I am asking for your vote to continue to serve as the Ethics Commission Vice Chairperson.

A key goal of the Ethics Commission is to enhance public trust of our elected and appointed officials by providing external oversight and enforcement of the Nation’s Code of Ethics. My current work experience demonstrates that I have the skills required for this position and that I will continue to do the work needed as a member of this Commission in a fair and impartial manner.

I am currently employed as a Special Investigator for the State of Kansas Disciplinary Administrator’s Office and have been employed there since 2015. The Disciplinary Administrator’s Office works under the direction of the State of Kansas Supreme Court. Our office reviews and investigates complaints of professional and ethical misconduct against attorneys in the State of Kansas, holds public hearings when appropriate, recommends discipline to the Supreme Court in serious matters, and are also charged with conducting character and fitness investigations into all bar applications filed in the State of Kansas.

As a Special Investigator I work independently and collaboratively with investigative staff, investigate complaints submitted, investigate petitions for re-instatement, and conduct character and fitness investigations for all applicants seeking admission to the bar of the State of Kansas. I prepare investigative reports noting rule violations when applicable, conduct interviews, and when necessary, testify in discipline hearings.

During my previous term, in addition to reviewing and determining the merit of complaints, we updated the Ethics Commission Standard Operating Procedures and are currently updating the Code of Ethics for general council review and approval.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve our Nation. I respectfully ask that you vote for me as the Vice Chairperson of the Ethics Commission.

Thank you.

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